Arcadia Chemical Company Philosophy -

“Our goal is to provide our customers with the highest quality products, consistent reliable service, and most competitive prices. We are committed to innovation and advancements in our industry and we strive to take care of the environment with biodegradable, environmentally friendly products. We realize that this can only be accomplished by God’s grace and a tremendous commitment to our customers and our staff. “

We provide USDA Certified Organic Sanitation Chemicals for all your food & beverage processing needs.


Proudly serving the Midwest's chemical needs for Food Processing, Brewing & Beverage, Coolants & Lubricants, Corrosion Inhibitors, Water & Cooling Tower Treatment, Floor Cleaning & Waxes, Parts Washng & Vibe Compounds, Transportation, organic sanitation chemicals, microbreweries, craft brewers, breweries and nanobreweries, !ndustrial & Specialty, Agriculture, egg washing, fruit & vegetable processing, beef, poultry, bakeries, beverage, Chlorine Dioxide Sanitizer, Liquid Chlorine Dioxide Sanitizer, Food Processing Chlorine Dioxide Sanitizer, Lawton, MI